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MartyrsOur Mission

To support research on the lives and deaths of the martyrs in service of their canonization by the Catholic Church

To build a shrine honoring the Martyrs of La Florida

To educate others about these martyrs and to spread devotion to them.

ShrineThe History

On July 4, 1704, the last battle in Apalachee for the Catholic missions took place near the 78-acre site held presently, intended to be made a shrine. This shrine is envisioned as a place where the sacrifice of the martyrs will be represented and the mission story will be shared for the spiritual and educational benefit of all, to honor our martyrs, and to give glory to God. The mansion on the property is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and renovation plans include its restoration and use as Museo de Franciso to tell the history of the heart-breaking yet glorious end of the missions. To read more...