Benigno, Jose, Antonio, and Alberto, January 26 - February 18, 1704, Apalachee Province

Names:                 Benigno and Jose (native catechists),

                             Antonio and Alberto (El Bermejo) (caciques),

Date:                    January 26–February 18, 1704

Place:                   Apalachee Province

The English/Creek invasions of the missions continued following the attack on Ayubale. The martyrdoms that took place in the Apalachee village of Tama y la Candelaria include those of the two Indian sacristans and teachers Benigno and Jose, and the two chiefs, Antonio and Alberto (El Bermejo).

“…when the Creek threatened them with death and torture they responded that they did not want a different destiny from that of their Church because by being in their said Church they were in the house where God lives and because of that they would not leave because God's house was their house and they wanted no other house.”

The assailants mocked these Christian Indians by binding them to the floor of the church, so that they would share the same destiny of the church.  And they set the church ablaze.