Elpidio Jose, Alberto and Matias el Chico, April 7, 1761, Pensacola

Names:                 Elpidio Jose, Alberto and Matias el Chico (Apalachee interpreters)

Date:                    April 7, 1761

Place:                   Los Santos Cosme y Damian (?), Pensacola

A group of English/Creek attacked Apalachee Indian refugees living in Pensacola on April 7, 1761.  Three devout and faithful Christian Apalachee translators died in defense of the Eucharist in a beautiful chapel built with great love by their priest and fellow natives.

“Without any mercy in their fury so cruel, the three atiquis were killed by them when they tried to protect the cup with the hosts and the tabernacle so that they would not profane them, and in this they seized them right there in front of the altar and altar stone and cut off their scalps and beat them and decapitated them, and finally they burned them with the chapel that they set fire to.”