Fr. Manuel de Mendoza, OFM, and Sacristan, June 23, 1704, Apalachee Province

Name(s):              Fr. Manuel de Mendoza, O.F.M. (Medina de Rioseco),

                             sacristan (Apalachee)

Date:                    June 23, 1704 (at midnight, vigil of St. John the Baptist)

Place:                   San Pedro y San Pablo de Patale, Apalachee Province


Following the January attacks on Ayubale and other missions, the Apalachee people and their friars were devastated from the loss of so many killed or enslaved.  Father Parga had been killed in Ayubale, and Father Manuel de Mendoza replaced him as new pastor of San Pedro y Pablo de Patale, where he “aroused and encouraged” the distraught families.  Father Mendoza, youngest of eight children, from Medina de Rioseco, professor in Spain, came to Florida as a missionary in 1678 when he was thirty-two.  He was known for his charity among the poor Indian and Spanish families, giving away everything he had. 

After celebrating the vigil Mass for St. John the Baptist, he was tricked out of his home.  Father Mendoza, twenty-six years of missionary labor and love, was shot and then burned to death at the age of fifty-eight. Fr. Mendoza and his sacristan were martyred together.  











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