Joseph, December 16, 1727, St. Augustine

Name:                            Joseph

Date:                              December 16, 1727?

Place:                             Nombre de Dios, St. Augustine

Colonel Palmer and his Creek allies attacked the missions in St. Augustine.  In addition to the five Indians they killed at Nombre de Dios Chiquito, they also killed the Indian man, Joseph, near Nombre de Dios.  They shot him in the back as he was running with the Eucharist.

“…baptized Indian named Joseph, in the vicinity of the same aforesaid Mission of Nombre de Dios, who was a sickly, skinny and weak atiqui (translator), who despite not being used to harsh tasks and not having physical strength for them, was always busy keeping the [Mission’s] chapel clean, and would as easily evangelize as maintain all the utensils of the church, which would shine, as clean as he kept them. And on the said day, 16th of December, some Creeks who were marauding around and stalking came to the boundary of the aforementioned Mission, near the chapel, and, when the Indian Joseph saw them, he ran and took out the Hosts from the ciborium, and fled to prevent the Sacred Forms from falling into the hands of the Creeks. But when the latter saw him running, shot arrows at him and wounded him, and once he fell on the ground they killed him with their clubs. Then, upon the arrival of a couple veterans who were patrolling, named Basilio Gonzálvez and Fernando de Jijón, who shot at them, the said Creeks ran away, and there remained Joseph, now dead, with the ciborium and the Hosts under his body.”