There are forty-three martyrdom events under review.  Some events have one martyr and some have many.  All were killed in the evangelization of our nation’s colonial land known as La Florida.  It is a seamless story that began in 1549 with the courageous landing of the Dominicans in Tampa Bay – and ended in 1761 in Pensacola as three Apalachee Indians were killed trying to protect the Eucharist. 

Below are links with brief summaries of presumed martyrs of colonial Florida that are currently under investigation.  There are three things you should know before you read about these holy men, women and children.


1.  This list is not final. Full-time research is ongoing and is expected to be completed before May 31, 2017. Each proposed martyr’s cause must be supported in light of the formal and material elements of martyrdom and the strength of the testimony of the witnesses to the martyrdom.  The documentary evidence must be certain. (The historians must then testify to the Tribunal, and the process to beatification must be followed exactly.)

2.  The Church requires that all documents remain sealed while the martyrdoms are investigated. Therefore, there are uncited quotes pending verification by the historians; the documents and their sources may not be released until the Church has completed her investigation.

3.  A note about the “anonymous martyr”:  The Church may canonize an individual whose name is unknown, if he or she and the martyrdom is otherwise known.  However, if the ‘anonymous martyr’ is known by a number or name only, this is not enough information for the Church to canonize.  There are many people who died for the Faith in La Florida, especially the Apalachee people, who will not be in the cause.  The reason is that they are too “anonymous”.



©2017 Martyrs of La Florida Missions

Fr. Luis Cáncer, OP and Companions, June 20 and 26, 1549 Tampa Bay

Fr. Pedro Martínez, SJ, October 6, 1566, Jacksonville

Fr. Segura, SJ and Companions February 1571, Ajacán (Richmond, VA)

Fr. Pedro de Corpa, OFM, September 1597, Guale (Savannah)

Fr. Marcos Garcés OFM, May 1604, Apalachee Province (Tallahassee

Fr. Vincent Ferrer de Andrade, OFM, 1611, Suwannee River

The 1647 Revolt, Apalachee Province

Timucuan Poisoning, June 20, 1661, Santo Domingo (Savannah)

Fr. Sánchez OFM and Two Altar Servers, October 29, 1696 (central Florida

Mariana, Jacinto, November 5 or 6, 1702, Mocama Province

Marcos and Mateo, 1703, Apalachee Province

Antonio Cuipa and Companions, January 26, 1704, Apalachee Province

Samuel and Eliseo, January 26 - February 15, 1704, Apalachee Province

Benigno, Jose, Antonio, and Alberto, January 26 - February 18, 1704, Apalachee Province

Cacica Maria and Companions, early 1704, Apalachee Province

Manuel, early 1704, Apalachee Province

Fr. Manuel de Mendoza, OFM, June 23, 1704, Apalachee Province

Baltasar Francisco, July 4, 1704, Apalachee Province

Fr. Augustin Ponce de Leon, OFM, and Companions, September 3, 1705, north of St. Augustine

Fr. Pedro OFM, and Fr. Lucio, OFM, early 1706, Pensacola

Antonio, Francisco, Lazaro, and Companion, 1706, Mobile

Fr. Domingo Criado, OFM, early 1706, south of St. Augustine

Don Patricio de Hinachuba and Companions, April 28, 1706, St. Augustine

Fr. Tiburcio OFM, March 1707, St. Augustine

Juan Yustegue and Companions, November 12, 1727, St. Augustine

Joseph, December 16, 1727, St. Augustine

Juan Bautista, September 3, 1739, south of St. Augustine

Chief Felipe and Anselmo, October 11, 1739, St. Augustine

Eladio and Roberto, July 22, 1740, St. Augustine

Don Gonzalez and Companions, May 23, 1759, St. John's River

Fr. Lucas de León, OFM, May 25, 1759, between Gainesville and St. Augustine

Anthonio the Blessed and Companions, March 22, 1760, Pensacola

Elpidio Jose, Alberto and Matias el Chico, April 7, 1761, Pensacola

Martyrdom Events Currently Under Investigation