Marcos, Mateo, and Prudencio, 1703, Apalachee Province

Names:                 Marcos, Mateo (Apalachee), Prudencio (Apalachee)

Date:                    1703

Place:                   Apalachee Province

Fr. Peter’s two altar boys were named Mateo and Marcos, because when they were baptized they knew the Gospels of St. Matthew and St. Mark very well. 

Following Mass at a new Apalachee mission, Father Peter, Prudencio, who carried Father’s things, and Mateo and Marcos were walking toward Mission San Luis when surprised by an attack of English and Creek.  Father was violently seized (and brought back to the Carolinas and tortured for months); Prudencio, a twenty-five-year-old man, was dragged into the woods, clubbed and never seen again.  Mateo and Marcos lifted their arms in prayer; the assailants killed them by cutting off their arms “so they couldn’t pray to God any longer.”